Awakening Breath of Life

This space is a collaboration of kind hearted people in service to creating safe space for everyone’s healing Journey.

Awakening Breath of life is Awakening to our true potential through Breath and Sound. This will be a Sacred time and space in which we as a collective enter into a different field of awareness and allowing us to swim in our ocean of Creative, Healing and infinite possibilities, utilizing sacred tools such as Breathing, and Sound healing to help mediate this field of consciousness.

Within a ceremonial setting, this creates the space and opportunity for you to connect to yourself and to open our hearts.

Participating with intention and open hearts in this setting has the ability to facilitate any transformational shifts you are working towards whether you are looking for deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas or even uplifting your inner guidance.

Breath and Sound Healing Benefits include:
• inner peace
• better sleep
• relief from allergy symptoms
• improved immune function
• cognitive function
• Relax
• Reduce stress


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