Awakening Divine Leadership

Keira Poulsen’s presentation will begin with some small movement. This will help each person get into their body and wake up a remembrance of their own inner power and the leadership that lives within them. She will also incorporate some visualization methods, meditation techniques, and daily tools that can be used to awaken, cultivate and access the inner leader of light within ourselves.

Bio: Keira Poulsen is a healer, a spiritual entrepreneur and an activator for leaders of light. She is the founder and creator of The Awaken Mastermind, and the digital healing course, The Awaken Program. Keira has also created a spiritual, healing jewelry line made to help bring a daily reminder of your own inner Divinity. As a way to spread this message of awakening Keira is the host of The Awaken Podcast and The Navigating Truth Podcast. She is also the author of The Hidden Gifts Within the Trauma of Sexual Abuse and her new book due Spring 2020, Rise Up and Awaken; a Guide to Creating Sacred Space. As a way to help leaders get their own work and messages into the world, she runs a spiritual publishing company, Freedom House Publishing Co. Keira is also a mother to five beautiful children and loves to play, be in nature and dance.


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