Are you a visionary? 

We are accepting applications for speakers, musicians, workshops, art installations,  yoga or meditation classes, poetry, theater, and magical niches.


This form is for everybody so make it work for you.Time slots range from thirty-minutes to two hours. There are three different downtown venues where classes and will be held over the weekend and music in the evenings.  You are welcome to apply for multiple classes.


Last year we experienced a high volume of people who wanted to present. Unfortunately, we can only fit so many mind-bending experiences into one event. Please fill out an application by April 15th, 2017 and we will get back to you by May 1st, 2017. You will be given a ticket to the event in exchange for presenting.


The Summit is a collaborative creation of guests and presenters.  If you need help finding free lodging send us an email and we can connect you with a host. We look forward to collaborating with you and see what we all create this year.


Thanks for offering your time and love.



Presenter Application
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