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Our theme this year is Earth Alliance: Empathy and Harmonious Action with Nature. We are working on actions in our town before, during, and after this event. Some of the actions are: creating a municipal plastic bag ordinance, climate education in our schools, a recycled art show, and boomerang boxes.


We invite speakers who inspire the people in our bioregion (and beyond) to change personal habits and to get involved with civic projects to effect change. We hold the event downtown in our local venues. It is attended by 200 people from the Western Slope and beyond.


The North Fork Valley has been through many eras in culture and consciousness. It is currently celebrated for its organic farms, wineries, and vibrant arts community.

This region is home to the highest number of organic and biodynamic farms in Colorado. We work diligently to maintain a nurturing tight-knit community, to advocate for our stunning wilderness, and to maintain a vibrant arts culture.


The Visionary Summit is held in downtown Paonia to create commerce for our local businesses. It runs over three days with speakers, workshops, actions, art, and music. It has created a space for fresh conversations within our community and other Western Slope towns.


We appreciate your sponsorship support as it allows us to keep the costs low for the 2020 VISIONARY SUMMIT. Sponsor funds are used towards bringing high quality speakers and performers to the event, paying venue fees, and promoting the event across Colorado.



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