Cacao Ceremony with Worldchangers Organization

We will be sharing ceremonial Cacao – a sacred medicine that was sustainably harvested near Lago Atitlán in Guatemala. In allegiance to the Inter-tribal Altar, we are carrying a lineage of Cacao Ceremony that was transmitted to us by the Paititi Institute of Peru. After pouring the brew, we will be sharing some group exercises and practices including Soul Gazing: a technique that helps to cultivate universal love and compassion by revealing everyone as a reflection of ourselves. We will also present information about our non-profit organization — Worldchangers — which is currently starting to develop into a Transformational School and an International Movement for Peace. Visit for more information…


Yasha is an embodied spirit dedicated to the kardiacentric renaissance of the planet. At birth, he brought with him the visionary blueprint for organizing Worldchangers. Yasha is an initiate of the ancient mystery schools and has received potent transmissions from several great wisdom lineages. He is currently studying the esoteric traditions of humanity with practical concentrations including Dream-work, Kabbalah, Universal Sufism, Indigenous Healing Modalities, and T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Right now he is most excited about the creative development of the Worldchangers Organization – and especially about cultivating their pristine new community sanctuary in Crestone, Colorado.

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