Carrie Lerner: Caring for our own dead

Carrie Lerner is a trained home funeral guide and death midwife. She completed her training through the Beyond Hospice Program in the spring of 2015, and is a member of The National Home Funeral Alliance. Carrie lives on a two-acre, off-grid homestead outside of Crawford, Colorado with her husband and children.

Learn the ancient tradition of caring for our own dead. As a culture we have lost this knowledge. In order to bring about cultural transformation we must, once again, participate in providing this final act of love. It is a profound and transformative experience that enables us to accept death as the natural passage that it is. Together we will learn the steps in providing this care, so when death comes to our families and communities we are prepared and empowered to provide this service in a loving and sacred way.

This workshop will be 1 1/2 hours long.

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