Dana Van Cleve: Remembering to Remember

As your life spiral evolves, you are presented with opportunities to expand your awareness and your consciousness. You find yourself in a ceremony, or with a group of like-minded people, or communing one-on-one with Mother Nature or Spirit, and for a time, you feel… different. You sense clarity, a Knowing or Understanding of what life is all about, what your life is all about. And then… you return back to the “day-to-day” and after awhile realize the clarity you felt has drifted away. Join Dana to contemplate embracing the higher vibration felt during ceremony and infusing it into your life.

Dana is a writer, spiritual journeyist and storyteller who shares her awareness of the intricacies of her own human experience to encourage contemplation of your own. There is no one way to live life and there is not one person with the answers. May you Know your own unique Gift, and stand tall with your offering to co-creation.

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