Dances of Universal Peace

The Dances of Universal Peace are circle dances with simple folk dance type movements that include a sacred chant from one of the worlds’ spiritual traditions.  I play the guitar to accompany the dances and will have other musicians with me. The combination of singing and moving together allows and encourages the group to be present. I see these dances as a way to multiply our prayers for a better world, for personal growth and healing, for the environment, for connection, for peace between people and between nations, and for remembering our true self.

My focus these days is “entrainment” (moving/praying together) and living from the heart. In the last few years I have created some new dances that are especially attractive to younger people. The movements of these new dances have steps that match the rhythm of the chant and are ecstatic. This is a chance to be together in the heart and in presence. My style of dance leading is relaxed and playful.

A session of dances usually includes 4-7 dances.


BIO from Bernie Heiseman:

I have been an organic apple grower and gardener in the North Fork Valley for over 40 years.  I started Big B’s juices and ran it for 18 years. Our extended family  lives on our Hanson Mesa farm.  I was a professional potter for 10 years.
I lead Dances of Universal Peace and have been doing that for over 24 years.  I have led dances all over the world.  I help lead many dance retreats every year.  I have recorded 10 CD’s of music and 2 DVD’s teaching how to lead some of my dances.  Check out my website to hear some of my music.  Click on the Music and DVD link and then on any of the CD’s that say “listen”.  You can also see me leading dances and singing some songs by searching my name on youtube. I feel strongly moved to offer this to  people who are working on cultivating their heart.

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