Workshop: Deepening our Connection with Offerings and Prayer Ways

Reviveolution is a collective of conscious leaders, native wisdom-keepers, and creative pioneers committed to a socially and ecologically sustainable world.

Location: Flicker Farm (directions upon registration)
Arrival/Departure: Arrive by 9 am on Thursday Aug 31 and finish by 8 pm the same night

We will come together for a day of deepening our connection to offerings and prayer ways with Maestro Juan Gabriel of the Q’ero Nation of Peru & Caroline Putnam of Reviveolution.

Coming together around the sacred fire, we will pray in a traditional Andean despacho ceremony to pay our respects to earth & spirit, providing them sustenance, so they in return may continue supporting our life in a fluid interaction of reciprocity. The day won’t stop here, we want to share how ancient practices are applicable for modern life & bring the teachings home in a way that benefits you the most.

-Initiation circle
-Morning meditation & prayer
-Traditional Q’ero fire ceremony
-Understanding the Andean Mesa, its uses, & practices
-Unique sessions for applying indigenous practices to a modern lifestyle
-Guidance to connect to your personal prayer
-Lessons for on-the-go offerings
-Organic lunch and dinner

PRE REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY so we may lovingly have organic food prepared for everyone!

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