Tanya Black: Ecstasy Is Your Birthright- Sacred Sexuality as a Psychedelic Experience

Ecstasy Is Your Birthright: Sacred Sexuality as a Psychedelic Experience 

Tanya Black, a tantrica for 15+ years, has found answers on her own path of healing through delving into her familial lineage and roots. Through¬†tapping into yoga’s cultural and energetic practices Tanya discovered a deep vein that runs through the transformative work presented in many ancient civilizations can be easily accessed through our potential for awakening consciousness.

These teachings have been forgotten yet not lost in our modern era, and being passionate about reclaiming these mysteries and sharing this intuitive wisdom for all, Tanya is devoted to educate others about presence and conscious sexuality and empower them in areas of self love, natural health care, conscious birth control and conception, conscious relating and intimacy practices within safe, sacred and comfortable space.

Awareness in these areas helps us to connect with our true, inner divine feminine and divine masculine selves, our dark and our light, regaining our inherent birthright to pleasure and ecstasy, and to bring balance and healing in all areas of our lives through this playful yet profound transformational work.

In this talk, Ecstasy Is Your Birthright, I will discuss how in our culture, we tend to link “Sex and Drugs” because both are condemned by our society at large, why is this?

What if we were to start to remove the connotations we have been socially handed down from decades past and talk about these topics in a whole new light? Throughout the ages, human beings have continually searched out ways to connect with more ecstasy, more sexual satisfaction, for aphrodisiacs, and solutions to sexual problems. Psychoactive substances have also been used in most cultures, as natural or chemical outside substances to unlock the mysteries of life.

Both sex and psychedelic drugs are mostly used unconsciously by so many people in our culture. The objective of this talk and workshop on Sunday is to separate these two themes, and show how we can tap into our own ecstatic, creative, and transcendental potential that is already within us lying dormant in out own personal physical and spiritual realms which wherein intersect our sexuality and biology. Ancient tantric and taoist texts have been teaching this work for a millennia, and now neurobiology has caught up to show that just below the surface, with some instruction, discipline, personal self love, and practice what is waiting for us to access, is a regenerative, personal power source that societally we have been disassociated with for far too long.

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