Alaya Love: EMPOWERMENT Through All the Changes- Living OUR Mastery for the New Paradigm

EMPOWERMENT Through All the Changes: Living OUR Mastery for the New Paradigm 

In this talk & workshop, Alaya Love will be showing us how to connect to our own Source within and living from that vibrational frequency to be in our true empowerment. She will be sharing practical tools & techniques to incorporate into our daily lives to develop our Mastery so that we are qualified vibrationally to bring forth the new paradigm.

Alaya will also be talking on “Living Large” a talk on becoming self-referent, so that we may unify our genius in co-creations & collaborations.
Alaya Love is a Heart Master that is here to assist in awakening the hearts of the human family.  She is an Elder and a Wisdom Keeper that carries the Divine Mother Energy and is here to help the future leaders in the form of the Star Children, Indigos and Light Workers, to remember who they are and why they came to planet Earth. Alaya Love is here to assist in bringing forth the new paradigm for a heart centered world. She was awakened in 1975 in the presence of Maharaji (Prem Rawat).

Through a profound meeting with a Polynesian Kahuna, Makua, considered the Kahunas Kahuna of all Polynesia, Alaya was gifted a lineage of Hawaiian Huna Spirituality that has it’s roots in Sirian and Pleiadian knowledge.  She worked with Makua from 1999 to his death in 2004 and was asked to carry these teachings forth, during a time when the Hawaiian people made their sacred teachings unavailable to the world. Alaya is available through consultations, private counseling sessions, speaking engagements and ceremonies to activate, emanate and radiate the essential frequencies of the heart for the shift of human consciousness into the new world.

Alaya Love will be also hosting the opening ceremony.

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