Presenter or Artist: JoeAlan

JoeAlan is music. Once you have the opportunity to see and feel his vibe, you’ll be singing his catchy phrases and grooving right along understanding what the story is all about.

Hailing from the beautiful Western Colorado mountains, JoeAlan has been showing off his multi-instrumental musicianship and clever song writing skills to mountain crowds for over a decade and now resides on the Front Range while performing throughout the state and beyond.

Playing a multi-instrumental solo show or rocking the dance floor with his veteran musician band at numerous sold out concerts, festival appearances and live radio performances, JoeAlan has a very powerful and uplifting affect on all the audiences he attracts and connects with.

Description of event:

I would like to perform an intimate musical set that will set an intention of Healing and Spiritual enrichment. The “Worship” aspect of this presentation is completely non-religious and open to all traditions and faiths. We will call on our ancestors and lift eachother up with our collective connection to Source energy. The audience will be encouraged to participate and dance, as they feel called.

I’ll share a short personal story of how Music has helped me along in my own healing journey. It’s my desire to share the healing and beauty that music can bring through human beings that are grounded in the present moment and allowing music to flow!

Music has the potential to change the world for the better by softening hearts, inspiring movement, and offering its own unique therapeutic effects through sound.

The ideal amount of time for this workshop would be 1 hour

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