David DeVine is the artist Higherglyph. A world, bass, electronic, music producer originating from Boulder, Colorado. David originally was born and raised in Los Angeles where he discovered his passion for all things music. Becoming a drummer at the age of 14 and starting his band “Inmemory” a couple years later, that took him on a whirl wind of tours and shows he quickly crystallized his purpose and intentions with music, “To invite people on a sonically refreshing experience”.

After his band “Inmemory” disbanded he became extremely infatuated with everything Dj’ing. With his first purchase of turntables and dj equipment he was all about dropping beats and creating yummi altitudes. Now with over 10yrs experience in Dj’ing he has designed a unique dj rig and hybrid style. Bridging old school and new school techniques with his various equipment to musically explain the infinite depths of music. After years of practice and development he was then ready for his next adventure.

David moved to Boulder Colorado to pursue a higher education at Naropa University, a Contemplative Buddhist inspired University. Using his perspective and unique lens on life he was able to explore the different sides of music and meaning while setting intentions for future pursuits. With these teachings he acquired an Interdisciplinary Studies degree with focuses on Buddhism, Visual Arts and Music, incorporating multiple disciplines to create sonic intentions. While finding himself within his studies at Naropa David quickly found a new love for music producing and how electronic music is capable to move masses of people in such a way that is life giving.

Now with all these tools and ideas implanted into his being there was only one thing to do create music for such purposes. From this Higherglyph was birthed for such a purpose and this is where his new story begins.

I am a musician/dj. I’m able to show in in multiple ways. Last year I did a remix dj set along with Totem on the first night. Then help run sound and stage for the next night with Amani from Desert Dwellers. I’ve also been ask to help with the planning of this years event, which I am very excited about.

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