I was born with a gift. While younger, I used my healing skills on myself not understanding much about them, just that they worked. During my early and mid-thirties, in a quest to rise to the highest vibration, to always be in my center and to speak my truth, I experienced the healing and transformative shifts of hypnotic trance, shamanic healing and Spirit guided journeying.  In awe of their healing and transformative powers, I sought out training and understanding in order to pass the gift forward. After being initiated into shamanism, I completed the “Light Body School” shamanic training by Alberto Villolbo, participated in a shamanic training workshop with Sandra Ingerman, completed the Advanced Alchemical Healing training with Nicki Scully, studied African Shamanism and Ecstatic States as part of my post graduate work, trained in Reiki and BodyTalk, and became a licensed hypnotherapist after completing hypnosis training with Gerald Kein at Omni Hypnosis.

Lazaros’ Workshop
Drawing from various modalities, and primarily the shamanic tradition, we will explore our “I AM” ecosystem and our Soul’s journey to Being Love. We will recognize the darkness for the great teacher that it is and learn how fear feeds it and light transmutes it to love and wisdom. We will practice a simple alchemical technique that transmutes suffering into wisdom and empowerment, and go on a shamanic journey into the spirit world to discover what it holds for us.

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