Alaya Love: Living Mastery of Self for the NEW NOW!

Alaya Love is a Heart Master that is here to assist in awakening the hearts of the human family. She is an Elder and a Wisdom Keeper that carries the Divine Mother Energy and is here to help the future leaders in the form of the Star Children, Indigos and Light Workers, to remember who they are and why they came to planet Earth. Alaya Love is here to assist in bringing forth the new paradigm for a heart centered world.

During this 2 hr. workshop, Alaya will guide us through a process of getting dominion over the mind and aligning the mind with the heart so that we can LIVE our life from the truth of our magnificence. These teachings are based on EMPOWERMENT.

Our human family has been programed to use the mind when the true power is through the heart and through an aligned heart-mind.

Alaya Love offers the Heart Breath Meditation to specifically activate and access and direct the frequency of the heart. The Heart Breath Meditation, when practiced consistently, opens the channel to access our brilliant genius SOUL PURPOSE, complete with all codes and information for our clarity and guidance and next steps.

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