Lucas Hoyt: Skeleton Key to the Tarot

Lucas P Hoyt is a writer, teacher, craftsman and philosopher who’s been fortunate enough to have found a home and community in Paonia Colorado. Southern Utah was home to him for most of his young life and where he fell in furious love with humanity and her parent, Nature. A world traveler, he founded the tattoo art studio GypsyLane Ink, and most recently cofounded Paonia Clay, along with an incredible group of local artists in Paonia. Lucas received his Master of Fine Art degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2006 in Ceramics and continued his study with large-scale Architectural Ceramics, apprenticing with renowned Ceramist Peter King at Stonehaus in Florida and Costa Rica. Returning to southern Utah, he was invited to teach sculpture, 3D Design and Drawing at Southern Utah University. His passionate devotion to sharing and spreading enlightenment has brought him home to Paonia where he continues to teach Drawing and Ceramics. Lucas’ wandering heart continues to lead him around the country and across the world, following the threads of the hero path, his message, slow down, be here now, live in the moment.

One hour interactive workshop elucidating an academic interpretation of the meanings and purposes of divination through the rituals of the Tarot.

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