Making Meaning & The Truth of the Matter

The World….aka….Reality is an Ocean of Materiality moved by the winds of words….Matter_I_Reality….The Royalty of the Holy Mother..Her mane art the waves that weave the one-der.

In this talk I will present etymological evidence of a reality that exists as a matter of fact….a world that is alive….and meaning-full….and boundless….and whole…and imperfect…and all ways will be.

I will also make a call for the re-development and investment in our cultures of matriarchal materialism and for the deconstruction and divestment in patriarchal spiritualistic culture.

Our attention follows our intention, and that which we attend to….comes to be. We art cultural cultivators.


Joe Bob Merritt is a professional Re-Creation-All-ist and a practitioner of Spirit-U-All-Material-All-ism, an Artkitect, and community conspirator functioning within an on-going life-design project called South Main Gunnison – a live/work habitat developed by Merritt on a revitalized industrial ground in Gunnison, CO.

In addition to his architectural design practice, art making habits, and funked junk furniture manufacturing activities, he is currently focused on developing several business enterprises down on South Main Gunnison including: Salvage & Such – an up cycling enterprise, Star House Goods – a gallery of future primitive furnishings and visionary art, Seed Temple Goods – a garden arts museum, Blue Thunder Circle Artifactory, and Sanctuary Somatic Arts – a space for movement.

South Main Gunnison is a thriving ecosystem of businesses who are woven together through a network of direct and indirect collaborative, creative, mutually beneficial relationships. Our vision is to be one of the most inspirational mixed use creative zones on the western slope of Colorado. The South Main Gunnison, Industrial Park For Good serves as a functional example of a Holonic Enterprise. It is a living template for small scale, live/work, mixed use, Real Estate and Oikonomic Development based on the idea of co-operative companionship and radical materialism.

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