This year’s Entheogenic Panel will explore the role of sacred sounds, frequencies, and song, and how that enhances and complements healing with entheogens. Do the sounds come from the rarified realms of the entheogens themselves? Are facilitators and shamans simply vessels through which the entheogens send frequencies for our healing? Why do some songs evoke calm, while others stir up discomfort, and bring up memories long buried in our beings? These and other questions will be explored. This panel discussion will be held in a sacred context, with musical offerings from the Heart of the Healing Realms. Join us for a candle-lit, aromatherapeutic evening of honey-in-the-heart speaking, and soul-healing music honoring our beloved Plant Medicines.

BIO: Mari Luna was raised immersed in Earth-based practices on ranches and wilderness in the canyon country and the high mountains of Colorado. As a child, she spent her time alone in the wilderness, or at curing ceremonies, and participated regularly in the Bear Dance, the Women’s Dance, and other celebratory events with the Towoac Ute people, and her neighbors, the Dineh.

Mari Luna has been studying with plant medicines for 40 years. She is an herbalist, midwife, hospice attendant, life passage celebrant, and ceremonialist. She has a background in somatic psychology and trauma resolution.

She has been a devotee of the Shambhala path of Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation for most of her life, as articulated by the Crazy Wisdom of the venerable Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She has studied with indigenous and mestiza vegetalistas and curanderos for 30 years in North America, Mexico, Central America, Peru, and Ecuador.

Her ayahuasquero lineage carries the humbleness of her Peruvian farmer and herbalist mentors, who taught her that by listening carefully to her teachers, and to the plants, and by clearing and cleaning one’s self of ego to the best of one’s ability, one can become a channel for the powerful Plant Medicine Intelligences to come through and do their healing work, unencumbered by human agenda.

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