Maya is a working artists, carpenter, inventor, fabricator, sculptor, architect, farmer, Pilates instructor, tattoo artists, visionary founder of Elsewhere Studios, friend, lover, traveler, monk, elder, helper to anyone. And oh yeah, I’m a human being on this planet and I care deeply about it, us, everyone, everything…Please be the changes you would like to see, and watch how it affects your life, as well as others…And I love you!

Since birth I can’t look at a blank wall without creating art out of the shadows, creating and visualizing these monty python-ish socks and shoes out of the folds in the bedroom curtains… Staring into nothingness and coming back with lines, shapes, design and form. Simply putting a pencil to paper and not allowing it to leave the paper; then filling the shapes, intuitively finding a design, and shading to describe form became a childhood favorite. Later on in life this was re-actualized after meeting a wonderful woman and great artist, Willma Shull. After her passing, her family gave 50 years of her art supplies and other materials to me, and in some of the things were examples of what I used to create as a kid. I’ve been creating from this same style and evolving it ever since.

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