Sheng Zhen Meditation in Motion & Stillness

Melissa Rehfeldt presents this Sheng Zhen meditation in movement. One learns how to deeply relax the body, mind, and soul to help heal our hearts, spirit, and expand our awareness by integrating Heaven, Earth and Humanity. Different Sheng Zhen movements or still meditation can help move energy or Qi in the body and release stagnate or murky Qi.

Bio: Melissa Rehfeldt is a Certified Sheng Zhen Meditation teacher and hasĀ been practicing mindfulness and meditation for over 10 years and more recently have found Sheng Zhen. She has been teaching classes regularly in Paonia for two years and has even taught at a Brain Reintegration workshop and a Gong Healing weekend retreat. She has participated in numerous seminars, workshops and meditation retreats with Master Li, the main teacher of Sheng Zhen. She have traveled around the world learning from this humble, amazing Master and in support of Sheng Zhen. Melissa is honored to teach at Visionary Summit this spring and help bring awareness to our community and the people who visit.

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