Gwen Garcelon: Navigating Turbulent Times: An Evolutionary Perspective

Gwen Garcelon, MACL, has worked in the field of evolutionary activism for over 20 years. As an author, speaker and coach, she is a stand for the power of people to transform the world as they fully express love, service and wholeness in their own lives and as leaders. As an executive and life coach she helps people to create breakthrough personal and professional relationships that generate the thriving world they know is possible. She is the author of “Strategies for Active Citizenship” (Prentice-Hall, 2005) and founded the Roaring Fork Food Alliance in 2012 to expand a local food system in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Amidst these times of extreme uncertainty and challenge, explore an empowered context for your life from which you:
• remain optimistic, inspired and confident.
• act from alignment with your vision for the world.
• transform struggle and suffering into steadiness and creativity.
• access the joy in making your unique contribution.

Get insight into the evolutionary phenomenon of “emergence” and how to be proactive in creating the conditions for its greatest potential to uplift your life and community. Try on a practice of giving up struggle and taking on challenges with ease and grace. Understand the power of evolutionary activism, and how to use it to generate wholeness in yourself, in organizations, and through all of your personal and professional efforts.

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