Yama: Paradise Experiments – Opening the Doors of Creativity

 Paradise Experiments: Opening the Doors of Creativity

Come explore consciousness with an experiential journey into the permanent part of reality.

The Paradise Experiments are a series of guided meditations and discussion that enter the field of” One mind containing all experiences of the other ” Terence McKenna.

A boundary disillusioning cosmic surf of inner and outer space, opening doors to the one place magic can be… here.

Beyond the mind lyes an immense sea of peace, a non dual field of silence and profound joy. Consciously expand your awareness to include lost paradise… stretch your imagination to the unbounded, ” Dream a dream worthy of that dimension ” T. McKenna.  Dare to dream of Paradise.

Yama’s a native New Zealander and Ishaya Monk currently living in Paonia Colorado; he has taught ‘Ascension Meditation’ of ‘The Bright Path’, an ancient and profoundly simple technique since 2012. His workshops are a journey of discovery… moving beyond the mind to a direct experience of wholeness, joy, peace and stillness. Find magic in the present moment, divinity NOW and the Cosmos with you.

A man searching for lost paradise can seem a fool to those who never sought the other world, where friends do lye and drift insanely in their own private gardens“. Jim Morrison



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