Real E State Development: Constructing Visionary Culture on Purpose

Joe Bob Merritt is a Visionary Artkitect and Community Conspirator. He is currently focused on two lines of work, a cultural development concept called “The Architecture of Remembrance” and a visionary art workshop series called “Mixtek/Mystics” that he co-teaches with his partner, Amanda Sage.

Joe Bob is particularly interested in the intersection of the material arts, mindfulness, and creativity. He believes that art making provides one with innumerable opportunities to develop psycho-technical skills, and cultivate the capacity to love. He believes that the efforts that we make in the cultivation of these skills contribute to the possibility of having direct experiences of freedom from mechanical conditioning and habitual re-actions, thus increasing the probability of intelligent, response-able, and creative activity in the midst of everyday life situations.

Bio: Joe Bob is a professional Re-Creation-All-ist and a practitioner of Spirit-U-All-Material-All-ism. He functions within an on-going Real E-State Development called South Main Gunnison – a live/work habitat developed by Merritt on a revitalized industrial ground in Gunnison, CO. South Main Gunnison is a thriving ecosystem of residences and businesses woven together through a network of collaborative, creative, and mutually beneficial relationships. The South Main Gunnison, Industrial Park For Good serves as a functional example of a Holonic Enterprise. It is a living template for small scale, live/work, mixed use, Real E-State, and Visionary Culture Development based on ideas of co-operative companionship and radical materialism.


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