Restorative Activism: Compassion and Healing in Action

Scott Brown, M.A. is the author of Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World and offers the Courage, Healing and Effective Action webinar. He is a life coach and peacemaker who brings together psychology, spirituality, nature-based healing, and activism. Scott worked on the front lines of activism for over 15 years with organizations including Greenpeace and has applied his peacemaking skills as a restorative justice program coordinator, a mediator, a wilderness rites of passage guide, and as a mentor to youth both in and out of the criminal justice system. More information can be found at

This experiential workshop will explore a transformational, relational approach to activism. Grounded in the principles and practices of restorative justice, restorative activism offers a way to engage in social change that heals the root cause of the belief in separateness—the belief that we as humans are separate from each other, from other species and the Earth, and from our spiritual essence—while also addressing fundamental changes needed at the systems level to avoid/heal damage to people, relationships, and the earth.

This is a relational, respectful approach to addressing difficult issues that invites broad participation and a strengthening of community. We heal ourselves and the world as we speak our truth and listen deeply to others with open hearts and minds and allow the truth of interrelatedness to be revealed.

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