Kait Neverland DeMention: Simplicity in Ceremony

Simplicity in Ceremony

Within this workshop we will bring awareness to the tools, technologies and techniques available in any given time and place to Circulate Energy, teaching us the Art of Allowance and Creativity in Fluidity. We will be exploring physically in the body, mind, senses, feelings and beyond, the resources of energy all around and within us always that enable us to experience our fullest authentic Self’s. We will talk about superpowers such as ~ power of listening and seeing sensually, power of personal ceremony, power of prayer, and the power of each persons unique alchemy abilities. Finally, I will introduce the Safe Universe, and we will complete with an open discussion about our experiences.

After about 28 years of living, creating and experiencing, Kait Neverland DeMention found herself asking a very simple question. “What does it mean to be a Doula?”  She was raised in the roots of Colorado by a magnificent family, within a safe existence of free expression, creativity and diverse opportunities to experience herself. Her family naturally, to their best, allowed her to be witnessed by them, and of course because of their acceptance, they were invited into her dreams, visions and worlds that she created with the bountiful mediums all around her. She is trained in the fine arts, music, dance, performance, language, Energy work, medicines of the Earth (crystals, plants, elements, etc), Prayer, Ceremony, and as an energetic Doula.

Kathryn DeMent acts as a talented energetic Doula for women, men and children as they experience the many cycles of death and rebirth in their lives. She has gathered the knowledge for this service from her journeys with expansive teachers, from her mastery of the art of creative solitude, from her studies with other masters of metaphysics, and from her experience sitting with many peoples who were experiencing birth and death physically, mentally, emotionally, sensorily, and spiritually. Her work has recently taken a focus on developing energetic flow tools and kinetic artwork in collaboration with Tensor Ring Technology. She is currently a welder, a wise divine mother, a visionary artist, a free spirit, a mad scientist, and a woman that wholly represents a new experience for the people. She is bringing forth a Doula that may be defined as “a Being in service who assists and witnesses other’s life processes of birth and death”.

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