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The Learning Council


The Learning Council provides educational opportunities to people of all ages and abilities with a focus on community-building and cultivating classical arts, agriculture and practical arts. The Learning Council is committed to Human Services and aspires to provide nourishment to the community through food, education, music, local arts and agriculture, meaningful work, and stewarding the environment. The Learnoing Council is offering classes for all ages as a Gift to our community. These dynamic classes enroll students of a wide variety of ages who share a common interest.

The Gift model allows all who are interested to participate without financial restrictions and also the opportunity for community members to share their gifts.

Elsewhere Studios


Elsewhere is a special Residency Program in Paonia providing space and time for artists (visual artists, writers, composer/musicians, performance artists) from anywhere to create art in a unique and supportive environment. Elsewhere consists of artistically crafted living and studio spaces. Time spans are individually based – 1 to 6 months.


Like one resident artist said, “There is the world we live in, with the stress, concern and obligation that often define our days and then there is Elsewhere, a truly otherworldly environment that carves out space for artists to create work that would not be possible otherwise. It’s the sort of place that grounds down your toes, invites in the whimsical and inspires the imagination to soar.”

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