The Menstrual Seasons: How the Female Cycle Relates to the Rhythms of Nature

Frances Headley’s will discuss the female hormonal cycle from many aspects. We will talk about how the monthly and yearly rhythms correlate. We will discuss how the moon, the elements and seasons affect the body; how energy, emotions, strength & shadow self, archetypes and libido ebb and flow during each phase of the cycle. Come learn how to activate your cycle superpowers! Or support your loved ones on this journey. All genders are welcome.

Bio: Frances Headley is a massage therapist, sexual wellness educator, life long student, puff paint artist and mother. She believes in authenticity, self love and unlearning shame. Fran has been offering therapeutic body work with an advanced certification in orthopedic massage for over a decade. Her drive to expand led her to The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Sovereignty, where she studied functional anatomy, erotic power and sexual pleasure. Her passion is to empower individuals by helping them access their wholeness and true selves. “You already have all you need, right inside, lets find it!”


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