Singing Bone Medicine Show

Singing Bone Medicine Show will perform their rendition of ‘The Woman Who Married A Bear,’ a traditional story told by peoples throughout the Northwest reaches of this continent. Following themes common to the area, the story variously recounts how a woman is married to a bear either as a “punishment” for speaking ill of the animal, or as a reward for being in right relation. In either case, the woman cultivates a deeper respect and understanding of the bear people through her marriage. This tale fits into a large and important story complex where humans become animals and animals become human, events which develop not only empathy and respect within the human people but bring important gifts and lessons needed for their survival and flourishing.

Bio: Singing Bone Medicine Show is the mistake of several local women. Samuela was first to open the pandora’s box of puppetry when she uncovered a collection of generations old puppets hidden away by wiser family members. Freed from captivity, the puppets soon manipulated her into doing their bidding. Taylor, who was already teetering on the edge of reality, was easily pushed off into puppetry madness the moment Samulela shared the puppet’s plans with her. The two set to work crafting an elaborate theater/home for the puppets and gathering the stories, myths, and folktales the puppets demanded to be performed. It became apparent that more hands were needed which led, without much surprise, to the gullible Sky and Bonnie being recruited. Now we can find these four otherwise talented women giving themselves over to the puppet’s performative plot, going as far as to create even more of these elaborate talking socks. Sings Bones makes us ask, who’s puppeting who?

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