↠ FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2021 ↞


Let’s Get Trashy

Found objects, recyclables, items straight out of or headed to a dumpster, unconventional (non-fabric) second-hand materials. 

Keep it Natural

Leaves, mud, flowers, rocks, etc.  Locally produced wool, hemp, bamboo, or other natural fiber. 


We’ll be judging based on outlandishness, creative use of materials, attention to detail, and how intricate the piece is!


> Most Excellent Earthly Extravagance
> Top Notch Radical Rubbish
> Best Story

Some “Trashy” Ideas


Candy wrappers, paint can lids, unusable paintbrushes, bike tubes, tires, parts, styrofoam cups, plates, to go containers, plastic utensils, rubber gloves, toilet paper rolls, plastic potato sacks, cigarette cartons, egg cartons, pvc pipes, chip bags, fishing nets, broken garden hoses, raffle tickets, construction fencing, construction tape, garden or irrigation hoses, straws, old balloons, cardboard boxes, newspaper, plastic bags, plastic bottles, bottle caps, aluminum cans, magazines, books, paper plates, packing peanuts, yoga balls or mats, electronics, silverware, lampshades, CDs, DVDs, tapes, etc.


Some “Natural” Ideas


Leaves, sticks, bark, roots, flowers, seeds, soil, mud, clay, rocks, grass, pine cones, etc.


We’re discouraging the use of clothing, fabric, sheets, curtains, etc. Some exceptions could be: burlap, billboard material, discarded paintings on canvas, etc. We are looking for creative use of unconventional materials to turn trash and natural materials into wearable art.


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