Willow has had no formal art training except for a kid’s oil painting class when she was 11. In 1994 Willow did a 28 day solo nocturnal project in the woods of western Washington, in order to face her inner and outer darkness. Her fascination with the play between the internal world and it’s mirror in the external landscape, is a common thread that illustrates the stories behind her artwork. This thread moves freely through her art, whether she is working with oils, watercolors, silkscreen prints or wood. From 1996-2002 Willow worked in Aspen Colorado as a faux finisher and showed at the Aspen Club and Spa and the Village Smithy.

In 2006 she moved to Paonia Colorado and launched a project to completely remodel and transform the old general electric building into “Elsewhere Studios”. The construction site became her studio, and the building her canvas. While still under construction she taught art classes to local high school and junior high students and produced the art for her Woody Creek Gallery show in 2008. Willow has choreographed and designed clothing for fashion shows and is the priestess of printing and design for blues dancing events around the country. Willow has been the Director of the Artist in Residency Program, created the Community Supported Art Library, and is now on the Board of Directors where she continues to pour her creativity into the building’s artistic novelty.

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