Ayurvedic Yoga Workshop and Presentation: Ayurveda and Yoga in modern America

Presentation: I will speak of what the ancient sciences, Ayurveda (India’s indigenous medicine for the physical body) & Yoga (India’s indigenous medicine for the mind) have taught me about the the four levels of being human: the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Yoga Practice: Therapeutic movement designed for the modern American nervous system. (yes, it’s that good)


“I have had the immeasurable fortune of connecting with some powerful teachers. It is because they shared themselves with me, and that I then utilized my own awareness, grit and devotion, that I am able to offer these teachings. I received my first degree in biology, did a 4 year apprenticeship in Chinese Medicine, a 2 year certification in Ayurveda from the Ayurvedic Institute, Advanced Certification in Yoga and lastly Motherhood. It is really silly to offer up my educational experiences because although they have forever altered me, they are not Me. I can say I value my education and clinical experience immensely but more important to me is the value of having a daily & life-long relationship with Awareness.”

Amy has been offered jobs around the world teaching but she chooses to indulge in a fantasy life in a verdant rural CO town with her gentle husband, wild child and a few unusually hairy pets.

Really Amy just wants to commune and laugh with the Ultimate Reality, Nature and enjoy the wonder of it all with a bunch of mirthful, yoga-infused people.

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